Dossier: Graves Kiely

Graves Kiely is approximately 56 years old. His family is from Marblehead, Mass. Kiely, raised as “Mark Kiely,” attended and graduated from Harvard College. After Harvard, Graves received an MFA in Theater (Acting) from Florida State University at the Asolo Theater in Sarasota. He met Sharon Gans in 1982 when he was cast in Alex Horn’s “King Trilogy.”


Graves has been a “leader” in the Gans group since at least 1990, when he returned to New York from Los Angeles. He regularly led group discussions for the “Monday-Wednesday” New York group for many years. He led the “Country Retreat” “line of work” in the 1990s, during a period when it moved (under outside pressure) from Mahopac, NY, to Bethel, CT. and then Pawling, NY, under the front name of “Hudson Valley Artists Foundation.” In approximately 2001, with the demise of the Pawling enterprise, Graves sharply reduced his involvement in “school” activities; during this decade, one of his primary activities was the development of an annual series of “living tableaux” presentations (based on works of art, literature, politics, and drama) for Christmas classes. He resumed teaching in 2008, for the Monday/Wednesday New York group.


Graves Kiely

Graves Kiely

Gans introduced Graves to the actress Sally Kirkland during the New York production of “Women Beware Women,” in approximately 1983. Shortly after, the new couple moved to Los Angeles, where she pursued acting and Graves launched a career as a screenwriter. Kirkland, according to Wikipedia, is a “minister in the Church of The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.” Graves is brother to Leo Kiely III, who from 2008 until mid-2011 served as CEO of MillerCoors, the North American operating subsidiary of SABMiller plc and Molson Coors Brewing Company. Graves is married to Helena Bacardi, of the Cuban-expatriate family that controls the Bacardi Limited rum and distilled spirits company. Bacardi Limited has global headquarters in Bermuda; Graves and his family vacation there frequently. The primary Kiely family residence is in Weston, Connecticut; the family moved there from Brooklyn Heights in the aftermath of 9/11. Graves is the parent of three children with Helena; who range in age from approximately 18 to 24.


After giving up his career as an actor, Graves entered the financial services industry, and worked at the brokerage firm of D.W. Blair. He obtained his Series 7, 3, and 63 licenses, moved to Morgan Stanley Dean Witter in approximately 1996, and worked there as a financial advisor. During this period, many “students” in the Gans group were strongly encouraged to open investment accounts with him. For the past ten years, Graves has been managing director of Pacific Bridge Associates, LLC, which the company says provides “security details, public relations, and introductions to Chinese professionals and government officials.” Separately, Graves manages the financial affairs of some wealthy “students,” among them Andrew Robinson.

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