Dossier: Josh and Lisa Lubarr

Josh Lubarr

Josh Lubarr

Joshua Daniel Lubarr is a 1986 graduate of MIT and is currently a technical writer for InterSystems Corp. He is an accomplished comedian, actor and blogger (see:;;, etc.) Josh lives in Belmont with his wife Lisa Ramsom Lubarr (Amherst College class of 1984) and their two children. Lisa, who grew up in White Plains, NY and went to White Plains High School, works at Zalicus, Inc. in Cambridge. She has an MFA in painting from Boston University and is an accomplished portrait artist.

Josh and Lisa are both in the “inner circle” of the “school” and are very active and successful recruiters of new students.

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4 thoughts on “Dossier: Josh and Lisa Lubarr

  1. I have always felt very sorry for Josh. He is a very bright, talented and engaging man who has gotten his balls trapped in a vice by Sharon, Robert and his cold fish of a wife. I hope that some day he will be able to see the forest for the trees and get himself out of Dodge before the shooting starts and he gets himself killed.

  2. I was Josh’s comedy partner back in Boston. Well, Cambridge. No one is more talented, funny, and brilliant than Josh. Except of course, for me. ;-) (that was at least partly for Carol’s amusement, who is probably monitoring this forum)

    If I may play armchair psychologist for a second. Or, as we used to call it, 2nd line of work. Josh&Lisa are prisoners of the disease known as “being a good student.” It is so important for them to be regarded as a good student that they would give up anything. I’m hoping that some day they’ll leave school, and we can do comedy again. That would be nice.

    I understand why My Man Godfrey might think that Lisa is a cold fish. She isn’t, and I’ll try to give my take on the situation. I was intimidated by her when I started school (Lisa and I started the same month) because she reminded me of the cool kids in high school. She’s pretty and very artistic, and I guess I was jealous of that. Over the years I really got to see her human side. She’s always been afraid that she’s not up to some impossible standard that she set for herself. That’s where that idea of seeing another in your self can go a long way.

    At some point I was able to let a lot of that baggage go. And, I really have to give the ideas that Gurdjieff and Ouspensky articulated credit for that.

    Anyway, Josh, if you (or Carol) happen to read this, I think about you a lot.

  3. Well, I said she was a cold fish for two reasons really. I was her partner for a few years (as those things go) and she would never call me and I never felt she had any interest in me at all. Never felt she had much interest in anything except making herself look good. Also, Josh used to complain in class about how she wouldn’t sleep with him. Seems she did not like sex very much.

  4. Red flag down on the field ! 15 yard penalty. Offensive foul on my Man Godfrey for unsportsman like behavior. Godfrey, my man, we all have our issues. If I knew who you were by name I might be able to speak to some of your troubling personal issues in this public forum.
    Public shaming with personal material garnered though trust is a technique frequently used by cults that you may want to examine and readdress with some compassion for yourself and your old friends. I too sometimes find these old mean habits in me. We studied with some masters in these practices. My heart goes out to you.

    I also think the aim partner relationships were plagued by the strange dynamics of the group. No doubt many of us experienced deep disappointment and hurt in the context of these relationships. There were positive connections too. They were strange conditions under which to build friendships, not conducive to opening up and being vulnerable. There were the ever-changing rules of what you could or couldn’t talk about. We were chastised and yelled at for breaking the rules by talking too much with each other, with the threat of being expelled always looming. Then sometimes we were taken to task in class for not knowing basic things about each other and not having normal caring relationships –as if we could in that atmosphere. Not to mention that the initial relationships formed in “school ” have the foundation of sustainers betraying trust by sharing information at lib with teachers under the guise of confidentiality. I look back and sometimes think that real friendships were formed in spite of the conditions of “school” not because of them. I think we’re all part of the walking wounded members of humanity and it takes a lot of compassion and acceptance to reflect and have insights about this supposed school. I wish you all the best. And while I’m here I apologize to you and to anyone else I might’ve harmed back in the day. Please take my apology as if from some person you feel owes you one, straight from my heart to yours.